1 Picasso & the Masters of Print offers a unique opportunity to view some of the most important prints by one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. The seven prints by Picasso held at The Higgins Bedford span seven decades of his career and spectacularly showcase the varied printmaking techniques that he mastered. 

These stunning works will be accompanied by a wider exhibition of major artist’ original prints drawn from the Cecil Higgins Collection. Five centuries of printmaking will be on the show, ranging from masterpieces by key figures in the history of European printmaking, such as Dürer and Rembrandt, through to 20 the century icons such as Matisse and Warhol, and including contemporary artists such as Paula Rego and Mark Hearld. 

2 Edward Bawden and his Studio Between 1981 and 1989 Edward Bawden donated the contents of his studio to the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery. From the walls of his house, the insides of cupboards and the drawers of his plan chest came adverts for Fortnum & Mason, Ealing Comedy posters, plates for Wedgwood, letters and photographs; an entire life’s work. 

In his workroom in the attic of Brick House, Great Bardfield or later in his plant-filled studio in Saffron Walden, Bawden worked hours ‘that no self-respecting trade unionist would consider, and no shop steward condone for a moment’ producing a huge body of work. Through letters, photographs and most importantly his work, this new exhibition will focus on Bawden’s life in the studio, from the techniques he used to the lino he cut. 

Edward Bawden’s nostalgic and whimsical depictions of Britain’s seaside towns are the subject of this exhibition. Bawden’s love of the seaside is demonstrated in his prints and advertising material. The exhibition features the preparatory designs for Brighton Pier, the finished print as well as the rarely seen original blocks, allowing a unique look at Bawden’s working methods. 

3 A great day out in Bedford

The Higgins Bedford is at the heart of the historic market town of Bedford, close to the beautiful Embankment, archaeology park and Castle Mound where visitors can explore the story of the siege of Bedford Castle. There are lots of places to eat, shop and explore nearby. Enjoy the inspiring stories of local people and find out more about Bedford and the surrounding area through collections of archaeology, ethnography, fine & decorative arts and social & natural history. 

Talks & Tours

 4 Archaeology Walks & Talks at The Higgins Bedford

Join Liz Pieksma, Keeper of Archaeology on every second Thursday of each month to explore the results of exciting excavations in and around Bedford. The walks and talks in this series are repeats of sessions previously given at The Higgins Bedford. 

5 Gold, Garnets and Beasts 

Our most recent acquisition, the 8th century Wilden Brooch, forms the centrepiece for a look at the hidden messages and craftsmanship in Saxon Jewellery.

6 The Archaeology of Food Production

Our impressive collection of Stone Age objects helps us look at how people in the past survived in the Bedfordshire landscape, from scavenging to farming. 

6 The Archaeology of Food Preparation

We explore the significance of excavates evidence associates with feasting, both in this life and the next.

7 Prehistoric Pottery

We will begin with the oldest pottery in the world, found in Japan and explore the widespread effect this significant invention had on early societies. 

8 Archaeology Walking Tour – Bedford – South of the River

Discover the wealth of history under our feet. We will find lost churches, streets and homes and rediscover the impressive Saxon town defences. 

9 Roman Pottery

The Roman Empire had a profound effect on Bedfordshire. Get closer to a society undergoing change by studying how pottery was manufactured and used. 

Special Events

10 Great War Fashion

This event combines fashion show, history and performance. Join Lucy Adlington, fashion historian and author, as se models her personal collection of authentic clothes from the Great War, and relates their significance to women’s lives in that period. 

11 Tea and Tour on the Somewhere in England Gallery

Join Lydia Saul, Keeper of Social History, for a cup of tea or coffee followed by an in-depth look at the somewhere in England Gallery. We will explore Bedfordshire’s past from its cottage industries to its engineering and manufacturing heritage. 

12 Tea and Tour: Transport through Time

Join Lydia Saul, Keeper of Social History, for a cup of tea or coffee followed by an in-depth look at changes to transport through time. We will explore Bedforshire’s story of travel over land, water and air. 

13 About the Higgins Bedford

The Higgins Bedford is a Bedford Borough Council cultural service that celebrates the inspiring stories of local people, encourages a sense of place for Bedford and the surrounding area, and showcases outstanding and varied collections. 

Displays in Settlement, Somewhere in England and the Collectors explore how Bedford has developed over time and the town’s relationship with the wider world, while Great Bedfordians features the stories of famous and lesser-known Bedfordians both past and present. 

The Cecil Higgins Collection of fine and decorative arts includes world-class watercolour and print collections and unique groups of work by the designers William Burges and Edward Bawden. The watercolour collection features works by British artist including J.M.W Turner, John Constable, Eric Ravilious and Henry Moore whilst the print collection features works by the international artist including Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and David Hockney. These collections inspire a busy programme of temporary exhibitions as well as our active learning and events programmes. 

The Higgins Bedford is housed in the historic buildings, of Castle Brewery and the Higgins family home, along the riverside in the centre of town, on the site once occupied by Bedford Castle. 

What’s on 2016-2017 – The Higgins Bedford – www.thehigginsbedford.org.uk

 1  – Vocabulary Summary :

  • Held – Celebrado
  • Span – Cubriendo
  • Showcase – Demostración/Exibición.
  • Mastered – Dominaba (destreza)
  • Stunning – Impresionante
  • Wider – Más amplio o extenso
  • Ranging – abarcando
  • Masterpieces – obras maestras
  • Icons – Iconos


 2  – Vocabulary Summary :

  • Cupboards – Armarios
  • Drawers – Cajones
  • Chest – Comoda
  • Plant-filled – Ajardinado
  • Self-respecting – Que se precie, que tiene amor propio
  • Steward – Mayordomo
  • Condone – Tolerante
  • Huge – Enorme
  • Whimsical – Caprichoso
  • Depictions – Retratos/Imagenes
  • Seaside towns – Ciudades costeras
  • Features – Caracteristicas/funciones
  • As well as – además de / así como
  • Blocks – Bloques

 3  – Vocabulary Summary :

  • Siege – Sitio/lugar

 4  – Vocabulary Summary :

  • Garnets – Granates 
  • Beasts – Fieras/Salvajes
  • Hidden – Escondido /oculto
  • Craftsmanship – Destreza/Artesania

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