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Eileen Durword is a prestigious menopause advisor for the brand A.Vogel. She has weekly menopause video every Monday night at 8pm. She has spent over 25 years in the health industry, much of that time in the A.Vogel Education Department, playing a key role in the Helpline. Her public talks are always popular, due to her welth of knowledge and experience. She specialises in the menopause, having both her own experience to inform her, and that of hte myriand callers.  
It can be suprisingly difficult to get sensible answers to your menopause queries, but a little straightforward information can make all the difference to habing a soother ride through potentially bumpy times.

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Is the menopause why I feel so panicky?

The menopause brings with it several factors that increase the likelihood of experiencing anxiety. Falling oestrogen levels make us feel more emotional;sweats and flushes leave us dehydated, wich in turn can tigger panicky feelings and papitations; menopausal memory lapses make us feel out of control and ansious that we’re losing our grip. 

          • Blood sugar levels fall, either because you’ve not eaten for ages or because you’ve eaten a heap of refined sugar, which has made your blood sugar shoot up and then creash. This fall will trigger adrenaline release. 
          • You start dehydrating, either because you haven’t drunk enough water or because you’ve had too much caffeine. Caffeine also triggers adrenaline release all on its own – in fact it’s one of the msot effective ways of pushing up adreanline levels, barring bungee jumping. 
          • You breathe very shallowly, reducing the amount of oxygen in your systmen and pushing the body to breathe faster to make up the deficit. 

All of these factors push you closer to the start of panic attack, so avoid them by eating regularly to prevent your blod sugar levels falling (use a Chromium supplemnt if your blood sugar is particularly wobbly) drinking plenty of water, avoiding caffeine and practisiing slow breathing. 

There are several good herbs that will help keep you calmer, such as Avena sativa, Passiflora, and Valerian. Use tinctures where possible, as these absorb without anay problemas and act quickly. 

My hair, skin and nails are really suffering – I don’t want to feel as if I’m crumblin!

Check your diet for sufficient good quality protein and heaps of vegetables. Drink sufficient water and take an iron supplements if you bleed heavily and your hair is thinning.

Try Hair Complex to support healthy hair. Sometimes a kelp supplement will help as well, but it needs to be taken long-term.

Eat plnty of fresh fruit and vegetables for the vitamin and mineral content, especially vitamin , which is grand for skin.

Take a C supplement if you find cramming in enough fresh stuff tricky to fit into your schedule. Eat foods contaning healthy fats, such as avocadoes, nuts and seeds. 




I’ve put on weight that doesn’t seem to want to come off – I’m sure this is the menopause’s fault!

Remove refined sugars from your diet (eat lots of dried fruit instead, gorgeous, taste, full of nurtients, and excellent for your bowel) and drink sufficient water. Chew your food well and take Chromium if you crave sugar. Exercise every day, eve if you only for 10 min. Get enough sleep – research shows that poor sleep increase appetite!

When will it be over?

If you waved goodbye to your last period more than a year ago you’re officially through the menopause, but it’s best to wait until you’ve had 2 years without periods to consider yourself fully free of the possibility of another bleed. There’s no saying how long it will take any individual woman to reach this point – some take a coupe of years some a lot longer. 

Blaming all health issues that occur in midlife women on th emenopause can mean missing a proper diagnosis or treatment that would sort things our. Always go to the doctor for a diagnosis if you notice any changes in your health, and don’t be dismissed with “it’s just the mnopause” if no investigations have been done. 

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